Doom Editing School

Helpful guides on transforming Doom however you wish

Written tutorials

  • Mapping & Editing tutorials on

  • Mapping & Editing tutorials on

  • Linguica's vanilla mapping tutorials

  • ZDoom editing tutorials

  • Blzut3's editing tutorials

  • The Unofficial WAD Designers' Handbook

  • DeHackEd tutorial/information by Enjay

  • Video mapping tutorials

  • ANYONE can make a DOOM map. by Jimmy

  • The Visual Language of Doom by DavidXNewton

  • Vanilla & UDMF Mapping Tutorial by DavidXNewton

  • How WADs Work by DavidXNewton

  • Ultimate Doom Builder Guide by GamingGargoyle

  • PLAYLIST: Doom Builder 2 tutorials by Chubzdoomer

  • Video modding tutorials (Custom graphics, guns, etc)

  • PLAYLIST: Doom modding tutorials by Doomkid

  • DeHackEd / WhackEd tutorial by Doomkid

  • Spriting tutorial by Juancho's MRL

  • Custom weapons tutorial by Juancho's MRL

  • Custom monsters tutorial by Chubzdoomer

  • Custom Doom sky tutorial by Doomkid

  • MUS to MIDI, MIDI to MUS tutorial by Doomkid

  • Feeling a bit stumped? Don't be afraid to ask for help!

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